Commencement of Public Business

  • Appropriation Bill - Second Reading.
  • Demutualization of the Colombo Stock Exchange Bill —Committee.
  • Commercial Mediation Centre of Sri Lanka (Amendment) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Securities Exchange Bill —Second Reading.
  • Prescription (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Sri Lanka Electricity (Amendment) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Counter Terrorism Bill —Second Reading.
  • Buddhist Temporalities (Amendment) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Theravadi Bhikku Kathikawath (Registration) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Child Rehabilitation Centre (Incorporation)Bill —Second Reading.
  • United Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)Bill —Second Reading.
  • Sri Lanka Women’s Conference (Incorporation)Bill —Second Reading.
  • Moneragala District Kantha Maha Sangamaya (Incorporation)Bill —Second
  • Lasallian Community Education Services (Incorporation)Bill —Second Reading.
  • International Women’s and Children’s Rights (IWCRC) (Incorporation)Bill—Second Reading.
  • Aloka Social Service Foundation (Incorporation) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Incorporation) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Sri Shakyasinharama Viharastha Karyasadhaka Sanvidanaya (Incorporation) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Institution of Building Services Engineering & Technology of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Bill —Second Reading.
  • S. S. Gunawardana Indigenous Ayurveda Development Foundation (Incorporation) Bill—Second Reading.
  • Mohan Lanka Foundation (Incorporation) Bill —Second Reading.
  • Chaya Foundation (Incorporation) Bill —Second Reading.

  38 Bills- Orders - Cabinet approval signified
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